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La Morisque
By Tielman Susato (1500-1561)
The tune of La mourisque from Danserye 1551 exists today as a Morris dancing tune called “Morris Off.” It may have existed for some time before Susato’s use of it as Morris dancing in Europe and England existed at least 200 years before 1551. The term Morris dancing is taken from Mourisque or Morisque and was a dance said to be in imitation of the Moors.
-- Roy Sansom
Play-along files recorded by Roy Sansom, supported by a grant from the Recorder Artist Relief Fund.

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No alto - you play alto
No tenor 1 - you play tenor 1
No tenor 2 - you play tenor 2
No bass - you play bass
No. of Recorder Parts: 4
Difficulty: Very Easy
Occasion: Any
Libraries: Play-alongs
Date Added: 11/24/2020
Style: Recorded Accompaniment, Renaissance/Baroque/Classical