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Two Fugues for SATB Recorders
By Bradford Wright November 2020
These Fugues are intended to be played individually or together. The first "Fugue on One Note" is an arrangement of the original of the same name for piano. Do your best with the dynamics, but stay in tune please. The second "Virtual Fugue on a clear theme with a rested development" is even more minimalist than the first. Be sure to read the performance suggestion. I included an annotated version of the original for use with explanation to an audience. To be clear, the theme is a single quarter note.

In performance, I would go through the annotated version with the audience, then play the SATB version. Next, I would introduce an even more sublime version that distills the fugue to its essence - the Virtual Fugue - and play it.
-- Bradford Wright
This is a very short fugue with a single note being the subject, but it has all the required components of any fugue. The composer has provided careful annotations identifying each part of the fugue, which is like a miniature textbook of fugal instruction. A second version of the same piece is provided, to be played with essentially just your thoughts and facial expressions for musical fun in a Zoom session. A clever little diversion that will have your group chuckling.
-- Glen Shannon
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Very Easy
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