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Ground Zero
By Anthony St. Pierre September 2020
S and piano
'Ground Zero' is founded on the bass line that Pachelbel employs in his famous 'Canon in D'. The Pachelbel mesmerizes through the unremitting uniformity of the bass line, the key, and meter. By contrast, 'Ground Zero' changes meter periodically and modulates to various keys. The affect often moves quixotically from lyrical to lithe. 'Ground Zero' and the Pachelbel 'Canon' both run to about five minutes playing time, although the 'Canon' has 27 iterations of the ground while 'Ground Zero' has 26.

Technical challenge ranges from easy to moderately difficult. There are ossias for a couple of tricky passages in the solo. begin with the upper auxiliary only where so indicated. Long trills should accelerate.

The composer plays both the recorder and piano on the accompanying recording.
-- Anthony St. Pierre
The composer has provided a play-along piano accompaniment for Ground Zero. This is the same accompaniment used in the composer's performance of the piece, linked below. Players will want to listen to the full performance several times to get a sense of the tempo and meter changes.  Click HERE to download a copy of the composer's full notes on Ground Zero, which will also be helpful.

Piano accompaniment for Ground Zero (you play soprano recorder)
A twist on the familiar, this original piece by composer Anthony St. Pierre starts twisting almost immediately. Soprano recorder and piano come together in a ground-bass collaboration unlike anything Pachelbel could imagine. The music passes through some fun keys like A-flat, including a scale upwards from low D-flat to keep your pinky from feeling unloved (an alternate measure is provided). Flutter-tonguing and heavy vibrato add to the variety in the recorder part while the piano provides steady chordal support with some occasional interplay. This is a highly entertaining concert piece for your next Salon!
-- Glen Shannon
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