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The Huldufolk - MLE 70
By Will Ayton 2019
S A T B Recorders
The Huldufólk or Hidden Folk (sometimes called Elves) are part of the folklore of Iceland. Similar to the traditions of many countries, they represent beings that live in a different or parallel dimension from us. It is sometimes thought they were once a part of our dimension, but departed, leaving us all the poorer. But there are stories of humans stumbling upon doorways into their world and disappearing for a time. It is also believed that Huldufólk, being fond of music, will often “borrow” a human fiddle player, for their seasonal revels. Being a lover of Tolkien and such stories, this piece is my reflections on these legends.
-- Will Ayton

This Members’ Library composition is made possible by a generous donation from John Nelson, college music faculty member in Arkansas and at Georgia State, now retired, and also two-term member of the ARS Board of Directors, including service as board president. John sponsored the composition because he began playing the recorder in the 1960s and he knows that supporting the recorder enriches everyone’s life.
Four equal voices form a flowing contemplative monologue, perhaps while meandering alone through the woods along a desolate trail. The light technical demands of this piece allow players of all levels to enjoy making beautiful sounds unburdened by complex hurdles. Occasional surprise harmonies bring forth the imagery of the mythical people living just out of sight, reaffirming their elusive existence with controlled dissonances and resolutions.
-- Glen Shannon
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