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Canonic Duet No. 1
By Jamie Allen April 2020
T T or A A
My Canonic Duet No. 1 is the first of a triptych. Also posted with this first duet are playalong mp3 files for this duet, recorded by the composer; this will allow solo players to play along simultaneously with a prerecorded version.

There are two transpositions of Canonic Duet No. 1 — one for tenor recorder and the other transposed for alto, so that you may play this canonic duet on your favorite recorders. The tempo marking is q = 92, but it can be played at a slower tempo for the players’ comfort and savoring of the plaintive tune with its hint of non-Western modality. As is common with canons, the first asterisk (at the last quarter note of measure 4) indicates the moment when the second voice begins playing from the beginning. The first fermata (also the second asterisk) at the downbeat of measure 28 does not indicate a hold for the first voice, but rather it marks the end of the piece for the second voice and should be held until the first voice plays the last notes to the double bar.

You will notice that there are no dynamic markings in the piece. This is deliberate. As one becomes familiar with the piece, personal choices for dynamic interpretation are encouraged.
-- Jamie Allen
This is the first of three Canonic Duets by Jamie Allen. The entire collection is available from Lost in Time Press.

The "Download Score" link below includes both the Tenor and Alto versions of the Canon.  The MP3 link is to a recording of the complete canon on Tenor. Click HERE for a link to the complete canon on Alto.

Play-along links:
Click HERE for a recording of one part played on tenor recorder -- you play the second part on tenor

Click HERE for a recording of one part played on alto recorder -- you play the second part on alto.
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