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Zoom Duet for Tenor Recorders
By Bradford Wright May 5, 2020
Tenor, Tenor
This short easy piece is a first attempt at composing multi-part music that is playable over the internet in real time. It overcomes the problem of the delay in response by the second player. Each player hears a duet, but it is a different duet. It is surprisingly easy to figure out the proper tempo to synchronize the delay (typically about 1/2 second). I recommend playing it through, switching parts, and playing it through again. I have attached a sound file corresponding to what each player will hear (first the tenor 2 player then the tenor 1 player).
-- Bradford Wright
Note that the accompanying recordings (both the sample and the full recording) include both versions of this piece: first, "as written" and heard by the Tenor 2 player, and second, as heard with latency by the Tenor 1 player.

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As we continue to play in isolation and look for safe ways to connect with our fellow players, composers are starting to create approachable pieces to share with friends over video-chat services. But we all know of the time-lag problem, called “latency”. This short easy piece for 2 tenors is the first composition here that actually takes the latency into account. Further, the mp3 provided by the composer contains two versions in sequence, the first one as written, and the second simulating that latency. To complete the package, the composer adds specific directions at the bottom about how to set your Zoom up to optimize your playing experience.
-- Glen Shannon
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