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Seventh Heaven
By Anthony St. Pierre April 2020
Alto solo
This exercise in unconventional melody writing is a set of variations featuring the normally ungainly interval of a seventh, as well as the related second (the 7th’s inversion) and fourth (the 7th is composed of two 4ths).

Variation I is the theme inverted (ascending intervals descend to the same degree and vice versa). Variation II features rhythmic diminution using the interval of a fourth. In Variation III, the diminution features seconds. The theme is in loose augmentation (note values lengthened) in Variation IV. The final variation (V) treats the theme in a compound meter where diminution includes both seconds and fourths.

The triple barred note stem in bar 51 indicates flutter tonguing. The wavy lines in bb. 78, 79, & 81 signal finger vibrato. Metronome markings are merely suggestions. Duration: 4:00

The composer performs on the accompanying recording.
-- Anthony St. Pierre
This Alto solo based on the interval of the 7th will strengthen your reading skills as well as your finger reflexes and breath control. The interval leads to some infrequent finger combinations that may seem strange at first but with some practice and familiarity they will flow more naturally. The composer provides lots of opportunity to play those elusive ultra-low notes, and skilfully crafts melody and an engaging story arc while adhering to the rules. This solo is worth the effort!
-- Glen Shannon
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