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Mere Bagatelle V
By Anthony St. Pierre March 2020
Soprano solo
Mere Bagatelle V is one in a series of brief, playful tunes for recorder. In ABA form, it is for a solo soprano. This somewhat challenging piece is a concentrated study in arpeggios. The player will encounter every note of the chromatic scale from the bottom to the top of the range. Some sopranos can produce a satisfactory top D flat (b. 50) with the fingering: ø 1 - 3 | 4 - 6 | 7 (i.e. top D + finger 7) In its absence, play the F natural a minor sixth below. Duration: 1:45

The composer performs on the accompanying recording.
-- Anthony St. Pierre
At a time when unaccompanied solos are at a premium, this freshly-composed whimsical number fits the bill for a soprano or tenor, or an adventurous alto reading C fingerings. It has plenty of melody but beware: accidentals lurk, leading to the composer’s “challenging” rating for difficulty. A quick brush-up on your sharps and flats and you’ll have no problem reading this capricious 1-page solo.
-- Glen Shannon
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