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La Tendresse
By Anthony St. Pierre April 2010
In addition to the present work, the composer offers three other pieces in the English pastoral style through the ARS libraries: Discantus, Menuet Pastoral, and Pastoral Lyric.

La Tendresse is primarily in a rather amorphous 5/4 meter (i.e. a strong pulse is absent). So for an initial reading it least, it may be expedient to read from the score. Although, in addition to the standard F-clef a G-clef part is provided for the great bass, this rather easy, relaxed piece offers a good opportunity for players to become comfortable with the F-clef.

The composer performs on the multi track recording accompanying this score. Duration: 2:00
-- Anthony St. Pierre
Another enticingly slow and lush movement from Mr St Pierre, this one is deceptively simple: easy key and easy notes; but the 5/4 meter shifts capriciously between 2+3 and 3+2, so players are kept on their toes throughout the piece. The top line is designated as Sopran(in)o because there are some instances of high B and C- the composer provides an alternate for low notes if sopranino is used. The Great Bass adds some refreshing depth to the sound, and as the composer mentions, both treble- and bass-clef parts are provided. The music moves slowly enough to give new players a good chance to succeed at reading bass clef in C fingering. This piece would add great interest and variety to a 5-part group’s concert.
-- Glen Shannon
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