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Coventry Carol à 2
By Anthony St. Pierre December 2009
S or A + alto voice
A + soprano or tenor voice
Version for C-recorder & alto: While the obbligato (descant) could be played on soprano or tenor recorder, the mournful tones of the latter perhaps better reflect the affect of the text. For a purely instrumental performance, play the descant (upper line) on the soprano and the tune (lower line) up an octave on the alto.
The composer performs on the accompanying overdubbed recording.  Duration: 2:40
Version for F-recorder & tenor: Using alto and tenor recorders, refer to this version for the Play Along mp3s.

In addition to this version of the Coventry Carol, the composer has arranged a setting for TTB, also available through the ARS libraries.
-- Anthony St. Pierre
The composer has recorded a play-along file for this piece.  Instructions are included with the score, and both parts are included in this recording. You play tenor (tune) or alto (obbligato).
Coventry Carol à 2 play-along
Two versions of a beautiful arrangement of this sad carol for recorder and voice are provided. The recorder threads around the sung melody but does not try to compete or overshadow, in simple lines with the occasional syncopation. It would be a beautiful selection in any holiday concert.
-- Glen Shannon
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Very Easy
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