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After the Storm
By Michel Marinier July 2019
After the Storm is an original composition which describes musically the inner adventure of a troubled soul finding peace after experiencing anxiety and torment.

At the outset, the theme of anxiety is presented and establishes the main short-short-long motif (eight-eight-quarter) which recurs throughout the piece, sometimes inverted. The anxiety turns into real turmoil at letter A and the new agitated theme is repeated twice to accentuate the crisis. After the repeat, the agitation seems to fade and give way to questioning. At letter B, the descending phrase expresses a weariness although the agitation immediately tries to regain the upper hand. At letter C, we find again the anxiety of the opening section but this time it is followed by the emergence of new hope evident in the major tone and in the calmer rhythm which uses the elongated short-short-long motif (eight-eight-dotted-whole). The final measures, with their simplified rhythm and harmonies, proclaim the return to calm and inner peace.
-- Michel Marinier
This is a fun short piece that intermediate players and up can enjoy- the interplay between the parts is most pleasing, and the harmonic story arc is very satisfying. Be sure to read the composer’s description of the piece to fully appreciate all the musical gestures. Highly recommended!
-- Glen Shannon
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