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By Anthony St. Pierre November 2006
S + medium voice; or SS, ST
This is the Shaker tune made famous by Aaron Copland in 'Appalachian Spring.' A descant, largely on the mixolydian scale (i.e. doh-re-mi-fa-sol-la-TE-doh) accompanies the melody, which can be sung or played instrumentally.

The composer performs on the accompanying recording with boy soprano, A.S. (Note that the score provided here is a revision and does not exactly correspond to the recording.)

Duration with repeats: 1:20
-- Anthony St. Pierre
Play-along accompaniments (instructions are included in the recordings):
Tune (you play the descant)
Descant (you play the tune)
The popular Shaker tune is given a fun rhythmic and harmonic treatment in the recorder accompaniment, making it a real joy to play and/or sing! The vocal part fits very nicely on a C recorder at pitch or F recorder reading up the octave.
-- Glen Shannon
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Very Easy
New Music for Recorder, Play-alongs
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