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By Anthony St. Pierre October 2017
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Like the Pavane & Galliard for five recorders (AATTB), which is available through the ARS libraries, this Alman fuses modern harmonies with the traditional dance form. In performance, it may well follow the Pavane & Galliard. (Alto II would have to make a quick shift to Great Bass.)

Do not let the Db major section intimidate you. Moving at a moderate tempo, it lies quite comfortably under the fingers. For the tenor, it may in places be expedient to half hole low F with finger 6 in order to avoid the awkward slide between the F to Eb and back again. Alternatively, a bit of corn starch or talc on the tip of the right ring finger can ease the slide.

The composer performs on the multi track recording provided. (The Bass and Great Bass parts are performed on an organ flute stop (Holpijp 8’). Duration: 3’00”
-- Anthony St. Pierre
A fine complement to the Pavane and Galliard already available, this Alman is an easy and enjoyable read for intermediate players. As the composer notes, the section in 5 flats is not something to be shied away from, as it is very melodic, lies nicely under the fingers, as well as helps reinforce familiarity with certain notes and finger combinations. With a soothing Elizabethan feel from the low recorders, this most pleasing dance movement would be perfectly suited for a Renaissance Faire performance or other concert setting. (Renaissance recorders are actually not suitable here, as some notes are out of range or not possible.)
-- Glen Shannon
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