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Ice and Rain and Snow - PtRM 2020
Those of you who like to know the score, without complicated road maps, or who want a shorter version, can simply play from the beginning, section A, through the end of section E.
Those of you who like variety, or want a longer version, can mix it up. Here are the rules:
  • The piece must begin with A and end with either E or A. (NOTE: section E is a variant of section A.)
  • Section B, or sections A and B together, may be repeated if you wish.
  • Section C may be repeated, using the first note of measure 37 as an ending note before the repeat. NOTE: the fermata only indicates this turn-around spot, and is not meant as a lengthening of the note except when repeating section C.
  • Section C and D together may be repeated as a whole.
  • After section D, having repeated or not, you may either go on to section E, or return to section A to end the piece.
  • Finally, the notated tempi are merely suggestions. You are free to play the sections at any speed you wish, though sections C and D are meant to be played at a faster speed than sections A, B and E.
  • Vary dynamics, articulations and note lengths (e.g. legato, staccato, etc).

NOTE about part ranges: in those measures where a low and a high note is indicated, the high note is preferred. The low alternative is for those players who are not yet comfortable in the high range. As a composer I am always interested in how other musicians will shape the music I have written. In this spirit I leave choices of form and expression up to you, the players!
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