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Seventh Degree Burn
By Bradford Wright October 2019
A, T, B
This a driving piece in 7/8, spliced with a 4/4 section. The notes aren't too bad, but the rhythm will be a challenge for many players. Note that the 7/8 rhythm is broken down in different ways on different parts (e.g., 12 12 123, 12 123 12, and 123 12 12) at different times. The idea is for each player to emphasize their strong beats resulting in an overall extra level of complexity for the listener.
-- Bradford Wright
“Seventh Degree Burn” is a must-do for players who love a good challenge with overlapping rhythms- as the composer point out, the subdivisions within the 7 meter are not the same from part to part. Experienced payers of the “Ars Subtilior” style of medieval music will relish the incongruous strong beats among the 3 lines, that demand independence while simultaneously keeping an ear open for the overall presentation. The syncopated 4/4 section is a lot of fun and reminiscent of a Caribbean or Brazilian beat.
-- Glen Shannon
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