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A Song For Listening
By Gary W. Meyer November 3, 201
I originally wrote this for my deceased Dad (Flute) and Mom (Viola). I added a cello - third voice to make it work for 3 part recorders. The music uses grace notes, turns, and syncopation for interest and character. The audio uses the flute, viola and cello for the recorder parts. The ornamentation and form faster runs make the music challenging. Should be fun to work up and play. There is a nice dialog with the soprano and lower voices.
-- Gary W. Meyer
Going with the flow is the cornerstone of this easy listening music for STB trio - the melodies are ethereal and float alongside up and around each other. The composer marked it “Challenging” because it may take a couple reads to get secure with the rhythms and get to know how some note values fit into the 4 beats of the measure. During early readings it’s important to keep track of when the barlines occur, so that later on you can play it as if they don’t exist- something all recorder players should be familiar with from early Renaissance music. This beautiful piece is definitely worth the effort!
-- Glen Shannon
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