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United Tastes
By Anthony St. Pierre July 2017
Like St. Pierre's Royal Concert based on François Couperin's 2nd Royal Concert, United Tastes is a fantasy setting, but is founded on Couperin's 7th Concert (from Les Goûts réunis), where a modern patina is likewise applied to a product of 18th-century France, as Darius Milhaud does in his Suite d'après [Michel] Corrette (oboe, clarinet, bassoon). Players adept at the French baroque style can readily undertake this setting. Duration: 13:00

On the accompanying recording, the players are: Tatsuki Shimoda, alto; Anne Massicotte, tenor; the composer, bass.
-- Anthony St. Pierre
For a briefer performance of United Tastes, begin the repeat in the Sarabande at the end of bar 34. Then play b. 35 to the end as a second ending. Alternatively, omit the repeat entirely and play the second ending.

The frequent rapid movement of the right ring finger over the double hole for low f to eb in the tenor is facilitated by applying a bit of talc or corn starch as a dry lubricant to the tip of that finger.
-- Anthony St. Pierre
Loaded with fussy French Baroque self-importance, this ATB trio suite is a lot of fun to play. Set in 3 flats, it has some tricky bits for each part, with plenty of ornaments indicated either by familiar symbols or sometimes written out in full. The composer’s persona shines through in the accidentals and unexpected key shifts, bumping this piece up a little bit higher than intermediate level – but with a bit of study and practice it reveals itself to be beautiful music. Fluency with all the notes on a recorder is essential for a successful performance, but learning the piece can be a fun part of that journey!
-- Glen Shannon
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