Composition - - American Recorder Society
By Bruce Sankey 2019
This is not the first time that the Canadian National Anthem has been employed as the basis for a fugal format but it is a new effort tailored for recorder quartet. It is a busy piece which requires sustained concentration as parts of the melody are passed from voice to voice.
-- Bruce Sankey
This fun 4-part fugue follows the time-honored rules of fugal writing with all the right sections in all the right places. The fugue subject is well-known enough to allow us to recognize and enjoy the fun treatments the composer gives it. Jazzy syncopations occur in each of the parts, making it a blast to play for everyone. Not very difficult, solidly at the intermediate level.
-- Glen Shannon, Reviewer
No. of Recorder Parts: 4
Difficulty: Moderate
Occasion: Patrotic
Libraries: New Music for Recorder
Date Added: 09/18/2019
Style: Neo-Renaissance/Baroque/Classical