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Foggy Sunrise
By Bradford Wright June 2019
Soprano, 2 Alto, 4 Tenor, 2 Bass, 2 Great Bass Recorders
Arranged for Recorder Orchestra after my original for flute ensemble. The attached .pdf file includes score and parts (including courtesy G-clef parts for the Great Bass parts).

In view of the limited dynamic range of the recorder, individual parts do not have dynamic markings but do show crescendos and decrescendos. However, the original dynamic markings for flute choir do appear in the full score to aid in interpretation. If additional players are present, it would be best to add to the great bass and bass parts, preferably in equal number. Lastly, the recorder orchestra can be arranged in part order from left to right to get the double choir effect where it occurs. Alternatively, the bass section can be placed in front and the remaining parts placed in part order behind them.
-- Bradford Wright
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