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By Anthony St. Pierre June 2019
Sopranino Recorder
Timpani, Suspended Cymbal, Snare Drum, Tom-toms, Triangle, Xylophone
Anthony St. Pierre presents six settings of La Folia through the ARS New Music webpages. His most recent and unusual is for sopranino recorder and percussion ensemble. Six percussionists are required. (Doubling is not practical.) A conductor may not be necessary since, for cueing, the recorder line appears in each percussion part.

Seven variations follow a brief introduction by the timpani. In a couple of spots, St. Pierre quotes briefly from his solo Folia (also for sopranino).

Accompanying the score and parts is a performance recorded by the composer. A play along recording of the percussion accompaniment is provided as well. Before attempting to play with it, become well acquainted with the score by studying it carefully with the recorded performance. Then play along referring to the full score, rehearsing one variation at a time. This accomplished, you are probably ready to play start to finish from the recorder part.

Duration: 5:10
-- Anthony St. Pierre
Play Along mp3 file for Percufolia

Accompaniment (you play Sopranino recorder)
Reviewer’s Remarks: If you love the Folia, you’ll dig this fun and challenging new set of variations. It’s definitely not Corelli; Mr. St. Pierre gives the famous and popular ground bass the full treatment for percussion and recorder. The play-along will be very helpful as you get familiar with the piece, and once you’re there you can use it as your accompaniment, and it’ll be a show-stopper.
-- Glen Shannon
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