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The Leaves be Greener
By Bradford Wright June 2019
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This piece is my take on the familiar tune "Browning". It was written with the Carbonala recorder trio in mind. It has alto and tenor parts that are not hard and leaves the more difficult part to the aptly named "great" bass. My thinking is that if you own a great bass, you can probably play the part with no problem. I envision playing this in concert after playing the Elway Bevin three-part "Browning". A courtesy great bass part in G-clef is also included.
-- Bradford Wright
Anyone who loves a good Browning should give this fun piece a try. It’s swing-y, jazzy, yet not beyond the reach of intermediate players, and the Browning melody is unmistakable, which adds to the fun. The addition of the Great Bass gives a nice richness to the sound; some long tones and long-term breathing exercises might be in order to get the most out of the part.
-- Glen Shannon
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