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Three Pimped Purcell Pieces
By Anthony St. Pierre May 2009
These three tunes (Air and two Hornpipes) by Henry Purcell are "pimped" in the sense that they're fantasies on the original tunes. They need not be performed as a set; likewise, the performance order is not important. Duration: 2:50

Performing on the accompanying recording are the composer (S) and Scott Paterson (A).
-- Anthony St. Pierre
Play Along recordings for Three Pimped Purcell Pieces (SA)  A=440Hz

Absent a live “other half,” a recorded partner can make duets just as much fun. Additionally, because a recording cannot compensate for imprecise timing, you’ll develop a strong sense of rhythmic exactness as you play along.

Preceding each duet (except where one voice enters before the one you’re playing) is a two-bar count-in at the tempo indicated on the score.

For practice, under tempo versions (25% slower) are provided for the two very brisk duos, Cornefyf and Cornepfyf  (fanciful spellings of “hornpipe”). You will find it helpful to listen to the recorded performance of the three duos that appears on the ARS website. (Rest assured that it required slow practice beforehand!)

The acoustic on the mp3 is dry. If you prefer to enhance the acoustic, go to “Reverb” within the “Effects” menu of any audio recording software, which you can download — often free — online. There, you should be able to find reverb options, even in “lite” versions.

Note also that with such recording software, you can adjust the tempo without affecting the pitch. Again, look in “Effects” for this feature.

The time stamps for the beginnings are each duet at tempo are:
Aeriation: 0:00 / Cornefyf: 1:20 / Cornepfyf: 2:15

And for the practice tempo recordings:
Cornefyf: 0:00 / Cornepfyf: 1:08

Accompaniment Recordings:
Alto part (you play soprano)
Soprano part (you play alto)
Alto part, slower (you play soprano)
Soprano part, slower (you play alto)
These three brief SA duos are a lot of fun for intermediate players. Based on tunes by Henry Purcell, they will get your fingers going and bring you and your duet partner closer than you’ve ever been before.
-- Glen Shannon
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