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Phrygian Impromptu
By Anthony St. Pierre August 2005
S (T)
This brief (approx. one minute) piece features conjoined phrase halves that are rhythmic mirror images of each other. (i.e. duple eights, triplet eights, sixteenths, then the reverse). Each phrase is on the phrygian scale a fifth higher than the previous until the midpoint, where the sequence of transpositions is reversed (i.e. c, g, d, a, then the reverse) before a codetta. The performer should play very freely, as if improvising. The score appears here for C recorders, but it may be transposed for F instruments if desired.

The composer plays on the accompanying recording.
-- Anthony St. Pierre
No. of Recorder Parts: 1
Difficulty: Easy
Occasion: Any
Libraries: New Music for Recorder
Date Added: 10/01/2018
Style: Concert, Tonal/Melodic