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Mere Bagatelle No. 2
By Anthony St. Pierre July 2006
Like Mere Bagatelle No. 1 (also available in the ARS New Music for Recorder library), Mere Bagatelle No. 2 is a brief scherzo in ABA form. Aside from some brief rhythmic complexities, it is technically uncomplicated. Duration: 1:10

Scott Paterson (S) and the composer (A) play on the recording presented here.
-- Anthony St. Pierre
Play Along Instructions for Mere Bagatelle No. 2
Download the score, performance recording, and the two Play Along mp3 files. One file is at tempo. The other, which is for practice, is under tempo. Do follow the performance recording through with the score before attempting the play along.
An A=440Hz tuning note sounds at the beginning of each file.
The files open with the soprano part. (Thus, you are playing the alto.) When playing the soprano, you will get a 3-beat quarter-note count-in.
On the practice file, the alto part (where you are playing soprano) begins at 1’48”.  On the “at tempo” file, the alto begins at 1’38”.

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