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La Barsan
By Anthony St. Pierre March 2008
A(opt. Sn) T B
This three movement trio, based on a solo sonata by Philibert de Lavigne (c.1700-1750), treats the original music in a harmonic idiom similar to that in Milhaud's Suite D'Après [Michel] Corrette, a contemporary and compatriot of Lavigne. The title may refer to a patron of Lavigne. Optionally, a sopranino may provide sprightly contrast to the alto in Tambourin I. Players with experience playing the baroque sonata repertoire will have little trouble bringing this work off. Duration: 7:30.

Scott Paterson (A), the composer (T), & Takayo Shimoda (B) perform on the recording offered here.
-- Anthony St. Pierre
No. of Recorder Parts: 3
Difficulty: Moderate
Occasion: Any
Libraries: New Music for Recorder
Date Added: 10/30/2018
Style: Concert, Fast/Up-tempo, Tonal/Melodic, Neo-Renaissance/Baroque/Classical