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Douce dame
By Anthony St. Pierre July 2008
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The composer has freely adapted this lively virelai by Guillaume de Machaut (1304?-1377) in a modern idiom, while retaining its exotic, medieval character. In recital, this brief (2:00) piece may well be paired with the more reflective Quand je suis mis, another of St. Pierre's adaptations of a Machaut virelai that is available through the ARS website. Perhaps excepting extremes of upper range in the soprano, the piece will sit well with intermediate players.

Players on the recording presented here are: Scott Paterson, sopranino; the composer, soprano; Takayo Shimoda, tenor.
-- Anthony St. Pierre
A high-choir arrangement of a familiar tune by Guillaume de Machaut. Soprano players will relish the opportunity to play some high notes- and will soon discover that they can be played sweetly! The Tenor line also technically fits on the Bass recorder but with the same high notes as the other parts - though those notes are always available on most models, they are rarely called upon in Bass recorder parts. Another option to explore would be to play an octave lower, on Alto, Tenor (same high notes!) and Great Bass.
-- Glen Shannon
The composer has recorded play-along parts for this piece.

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