Composition - - American Recorder Society
By Anthony St. Pierre March 2010
'Discant' refers to the streams of parallel first inversion triads characteristic of Medieval English music. This quite approachable rondo combines discant with more recent harmonic idioms. Duration: 3:35

Scott Paterson, alto; Janos Ungvary, tenor; and the composer, bass, perform on the recording provided.
-- Anthony St. Pierre
A lush and approachable trio-monologue with some very sonorous homophonic moments. Declarative statements examine themselves as a trio before breaking up into shifting pairs to discuss, and reuniting again for the final verdict. This piece is an easy sight-read for intermediate players and would be a great addition to an afternoon play-in.
-- Glen Shannon
No. of Recorder Parts: 3
Difficulty: Easy
Occasion: Any
Libraries: New Music for Recorder
Date Added: 12/13/2018
Style: Concert, Tonal/Melodic