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Salicet Sarabande
By Anthony St. Pierre 1997 (arr. 2007
A T B (or T B gtB)
'Salicet' refers to the dulcet tone of the willow pipe. This essay in ABA form is the composer's arrangement of the saraband from his Partita for Woodwind Quintet (1997). The A sections are in the phrygian mode, while the B is in the mixolydian. The ethos is best projected by low recorders (TBgtB), but the ATB version produces a satisfactory effect as well. (A G-clef copy of the great bass part is provided for players who prefer it to the standard F-clef.)

Duration: 4:00

Players on the recording here are: the composer (A), Janos Ungvary (T), and Scott Paterson (B).
-- Anthony St. Pierre
A beautiful and technically easy trio with a familiar opening sound- but don’t be fooled, the harmonies can be surprising. Ensembles will enjoy reading the piece without too much trouble working out complicated choreography beyond some quick little ornaments and the occasional trill with turn. The composer thoughtfully offers this trio in two settings, one for high trio ATB and another, transposed down to an equally comfortable key in a low trio TBGb where he increases its allure by including a treble-clef version of the Great Bass part for those not yet comfortable reading C fingerings in bass clef.
-- Glen Shannon
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