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Suite évreuxienne
By Anthony St. Pierre August 2013
Sn/A T B
Like La Barsan (also available through the ARS website), this trio "modernizes" a French baroque suite for flute in much the same way that Darius Milhaud did in his Suite d'après Corrette (oboe/clarinet/bassoon). The present work is founded on tunes from a suite by Jacques Hotteterre, who like St. Pierre, traces his lineage to Évreux in Normandy -- hence, "évreuxienne." This music will roll off the fingers of those experienced in French baroque music. Duration: 12:40

To produce the bass low e at the end of the saraband, form a cylinder by rolling up a small sheet of paper and inserting it in the foot joint so that it projects 40-50mm from the end of the joint (as shown in these photos). There is sufficient time to insert the roll after b.40. (Don't forget to remove it before proceeding to the Gavotte!)

Scott Paterson, alto/sopranino; Anne Massicotte, tenor; and the composer, bass play on the accompanying recording.
Those familiar with the original suite by Hotteterre will thoroughly enjoy this new twisted arrangement. The solo melody is shared among the three parts, fresh harmonic surprises await at every turn, and the technical demands are light so more energy can be poured into the French Baroque affect of playing. One special new (to this reviewer) technique the composer employs is the “extension tube” trick to get a low E, which he describes in the accompanying text and photos. Be sure to completely famliarize yourself with the details of that procedure before taking this piece to the stage, as pre-planning is key to a satisfying performance.
-- Glen Shannon
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