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Pentatonic Fughetta
By Anthony St. Pierre April 2005
Although brief (1:30), this fughetta on a pentatonic subject covers a variety of transpositions and appears in inversion and augmentation. Statements in Db bear some examination before a play-through, but at the suggested tempo, the piece, not withstanding these passages, is feasible for players of intermediate skill.

On the ARS website recording, the performers are: Scott Paterson and Anthony St. Pierre, sopranos; Janos Ungvary, alto.
--Anthony St. Pierre
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No. of Recorder Parts: 3
Difficulty: Moderate
Occasion: Any
Libraries: New Music for Recorder, Play-alongs
Date Added: 09/17/2018
Style: Concert, Fast/Up-tempo, Tonal/Melodic, Recorded Accompaniment