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La Folia à 3
By Anthony St. Pierre July 2018
The ARS website offers the composer's Folia variations for unaccompanied solo recorder, alto recorder with piano, for SA, and for SATB. Joining this Folia family is his set for ATB. Var. 6 is an adaptation from his Folia for string quartet. Some variations are challenging: double tonguing is required in Var. 3; the bass in Var. 6 requires quick breathing; a low b appears in the tenor in Var. 1. This is produced by half stopping the end of the instrument against the knee. (See video demonstration.) Although all voices are playing almost continuously, page turns are nonetheless feasible if parts are printed single sided. Duration: 8:30

Playing on the recording are: Janos Ungvary, alto; Anne Massicotte, tenor; the composer, bass.
-- Anthony St. Pierre
This fun concert-length set of variations on the familiar Folia theme has very rich digressions from the standard as it grows in complexity. The technical demands are slightly higher than average, requiring the Tenor player to become secure with half-stopping the bell for a low B, and offering everyone a chance to work on their fluency with accidentals.  Quick fingers and double-tonguing make an occasional appearance, and mood swings keep everyone interested to hear what comes next!
-- Glen Shannon
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