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Three Lenten Chorales
S A T (opt. T B gtB)
These settings were inspired by Marcel Dupré's opus 28 chorales for organ. Players at the incipient intermediate level will find all three chorales within scope. They may be played to good effect during a Lenten church service. The composer provides a low version of Aus tiefer Not that expresses the Lenten affect particularly well. Included is a great bass part in G-clef for players who prefer it to the standard F-clef.

Performers on the recording are Takayo Shimoda (S/T); the composer (A/B); Scott Paterson (T/gtB).
-- Anthony St. Pierre
Play Along mp3 files for Three Lenten Chorales (SAT)
Follow the score as you listen to the recorded performance. Then join a virtual ensemble by downloading the play along files. Each file is missing one part. Select the one that omits the part you wish to play. A two-bar count-in precedes each of the three chorales.

Note that in Da Jesus the count-in goes only as far as the first bar. Two beats of silence precede the pick up (anacrusis). Be sure to count those two beats before you start playing.

Where fermatas appear, two extra beats are added to the note’s value.

The three chorales are presented in the following order:
Aus tiefe Not  (Of Deepest Need)
Christ lag in Todesbanden  (Christ Lay in Death’s Bondage)
Da Jesus an dem Kreuze stund  (Since Christ Hung upon the Cross)

Alto - Tenor accompaniment (you play Soprano)
Soprano - Tenor accompaniment (you play Alto)
Soprano - Alto accompaniment (you play Tenor)
Three popular and well-known chorales are given the fun Anthony St Pierre harmonic treatment and go into unexpected sound spaces. Technically they are not difficult except for two high D’s in the Soprano part of “Christ lag in Todesbanden”. The first chorale, “Aus tiefer Not” is provided in two versions for larger and smaller instruments, including a treble-clef version of the Great bass part for those still working on their C fingerings in bass clef. The two versions invite larger ensembles to mix it up and experiment with the 4-foot (SAT) and 8-foot (TBGb) orchestrations. Your group will enjoy playing these, as they are suitable for the most casual of playing sessions or can be presented as a set in a concert.
-- Glen Shannon
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