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By Anthony St. Pierre September 2008
A T B/gtB
Pentafolia is a set of variations on La Folia in which the tune appears in various pentatonic guises, occidental and oriental. Optionally the solo variations may precede each of the three trio variants, as demonstrated in the accompanying recording. The addition of the great bass in Variation III is also optional. Pentafolia is one of various and sundry St. Pierre Folia settings available through the ARS. Groups of intermediate accomplishment will find the present set quite straight forward. Duration: 5:20

Heard on the recording are the composer (S/A), Janos Ungvary (T), Takayo Shimoda (B), Scott Paterson (gtB).
-- Anthony St. Pierre
This is amazingly intriguing music for fans of the Folia! Traditional chords are thrown out the window but the Folia essence is still there. The composer has given it his trademark treatment, so brush up on your accidentals before digging into this rich solo and trio work. The movement with Great bass has alternate notes thoughtfully provided for when no Great bass is available, and the part moves slowly enough for players working on their bass clef C fingerings - a treble clef part is not provided.
-- Glen Shannon
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