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Fantasy on 'Schenectady'
By Anthony St. Pierre December 2010
The Fantasy on 'Schenectady' might recall the Americana style of composers like Aaron Copland or Virgil Thompson. In 1801, Nehemiah Shumway of Schenectady, New York published a shape-note fuguing tune that he named 'Schenectady.' It is in the primitive style best known in the work of William Billings. (The composer is, himself, a native of Schenectady.)

Possibly the greatest challenge in this quartet is achieving pure tuning in the bare octaves and fifths, as well as in the parallel octave passages. Triple-barred note stems indicate flutter tonguing. Tricky entries for the tenor are eased with cues above the staff. Duration: 6:20  Performed by Scott Paterson, soprano;  Anthony St. Pierre, alto;  Anne Massicotte, tenor;  Janos Ungvary, bass.

                     -- Anthony St. Pierre
No. of Recorder Parts: 4
Difficulty: Challenging
Occasion: Thanksgiving
Libraries: New Music for Recorder
Date Added: 09/15/2018
Style: Concert, Fast/Up-tempo, Laid-back/Slow, Tonal/Melodic, Folk/Traditional, Variations/Fantasies/Adaptations