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Song of a Siren
A and Piano
The siren motif from the third of Debussy’s Nocturnes inspired this piece for alto recorder and piano. The harmonic idiom, however, recalls that of Messiaen. (The YouTube recording of the work bears its original title, Mouvement Messiaenique.) Duration: 3:30 Performed by Anthony St. Pierre, alto and piano.

Both the recorder and piano parts are quite accessible to players of intermediate skill, but strong dynamic contrasts are necessary to bring the music to life. For ease of movement between the low g-sharp and f-sharp at the end of the piece, half hole with the pinky for both notes, relaxing the ring finger as much as possible; do not allow it to bear down. A little talc or corn starch on the tip of this finger will help ease the glide from half to full hole. As well, a slight separation of the two pitches will permit clean movement from one to the other.

After listening to the recording on the YouTube, players may wish to play to the piano accompaniment provided here ("Download Accompaniment," below). Note however that the fermata in b.21 is omitted to facilitate simultaneous re-entries b.23. In b.54, the accompaniment adds 2 extra half note beats to the fermata, and four half notes at the end (b.56). 
-- Anthony St. Pierre
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