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By Anthony St. Pierre May 2006
A and piano
The famous Folia of Corelli was the inspiration for Pholia* for alto recorder and piano. The intent was to provide a modern alternative to the Corelli, which, although composed for the violin, has long been a staple of the recorder repertoire. (The edition for recorder appeared just two years after the original violin version.)

Although not as lengthy (duration: 8:40), the Pholia offers a wider variety of keys, modes, harmonies, textures, and meters than the Corelli. The piano is not subordinate to the recorder in the Pholia; it participates equally in each variation.  Performed by Anthony St. Pierre, alto; Larry Green, piano.

* So spelled to distinguish from other Folias 
-- Anthony St. Pierre
No. of Recorder Parts: 1
Difficulty: Challenging
Occasion: Any
Libraries: New Music for Recorder
Date Added: 09/02/2018
Style: Concert, Fast/Up-tempo, Laid-back/Slow, Tonal/Melodic, Folk/Traditional, Variations/Fantasies/Adaptations