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Many Recorders Playing with Class - MLE 62
various, from garklein through contrabass
An extroverted mood is essential to a successful performance of this piece, though indeed the frequent instrument changes and requisite pre-staging of instruments prior to starting the performance provide built-in entertainment value for the audience.* Both parts switch instruments frequently; at places such as measure 14, 37, and 96-97, it is indicated for the non-switching player to kill time by repeating measures (vamping) until the instrument switch is complete. A fermata serves the same purpose in measures such as 34, where the Sopranino’s double trills can last as long as necessary for the second player to change from Alto to Tenor.  Note that in measures 25-34 Player 1 holds two Sopraninos, one in each hand, and plays two notes simultaneously.  All trills begin on the main note unless the players prefer otherwise. If a specific size instrument is not available, such as the Contrabass or Garklein (an octave smaller than the Soprano and notated with a “15” above the treble clef, indicating the notes sound two octaves above the written pitch), any size that can cover the part is welcome.

*For increased comedic effect, the players might invent gags such as “forgetting” an instrument in its case (preferably a larger instrument) and making a big theatrical production of getting it out and putting it together while the other player vamps impatiently. Anything else the performers might think of — sight gags, snappy banter, ventriloquism — are perfectly valid additions to make each performance special and unique.
-- Bradford Wright
This is not necessarily for Play-the-Recorder Month, but if it were, the worldwide event would never have a more self-contained demonstration piece available. This duet, wherein every size of recorder from Garklein to Contrabass is employed, is not only delightfully entertaining but also serves as an educational tool introducing schoolchildren to the full gamut of the recorder family.
-- Glen Shannon, Editor
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