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Mere Bagatelle IV - MLE 55
Mere Bagatelle IV is from a series of short, playful pieces for various combinations of recorders. Each bagatelle is a study of a particular compositional technique; in this case, the alternation of major, minor, diminished, and augmented triads without reference to their usual diatonic functions. The interval of the tritone is pervasive. The piece might be likened in some ways to Down the Piste from Benjamin Britten’s Alpine Suite (SSA). However, Britten’s tempo indication does not readily admit double tonguing, so the feeling of a downhill rush is not particularly apparent unless consciously injected. In Mere Bagatelle IV on the other hand, the designated tempo (q=132) inevitably requires light double tonguing throughout. If preferred, Alto III may be played on the tenor.
-- Anthony St. Pierre
The balance between work and play is carefully managed in this jocular quasi-étude. Three players strive to maintain unanimity of character, smiling all the while.
-- Glen Shannon, Editor
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Play-along files  All three versions are included in this file so you can play any of the three parts. Time stamps for the beginning of each version are included in the instructions.
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