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Reverie - MLE 52
By Claude Debussy (1862 - 1918)
 Arranged By Helen-Jean Talbott 2013
Soprano, Alto, Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Bass, Great Bass, Contrabass (Recorder Orchestra)
One of Claude Debussy’s most popular piano works is Reverie, published in 1909. I became familiar with this evocative music through a beautiful arrangement for flute and piano. My flute part contained all the flowing melodic lines. My pianist got to play the intricate arpeggios over many octaves of the piano, but seldom played the melody.

For my recorder orchestra arrangement of Reverie, I wanted to share the melody among several different instruments. The range of arpeggio notes in Debussy’s Reverie also gave me the perfect opportunity to engage all of the members of the recorder orchestra — from contrabass to soprano.
-- Helen-Jean Talbott
Winner, ARS is 75! Composition Competition, Recorder Orchestra

The idea for a composition competition came up in 2013 at an ARS board meeting during a lively discussion of the (then) upcoming 75th anniversary of the ARS. How should we celebrate this wonderful milestone? We wanted to take on a project that we could afford, that we could complete in time, and that would be meaningful to as many ARS members as possible. The ARS is 75! Composition Competition consisted of five categories: Quartet/Quintet at the chapter reading level; Duo/Trio for low intermediate players; Solo for the advanced player; Recorder Orchestra piece at the upper intermediate level; and a category for young composers. I am pleased to present the winner of the Recorder Orchestra category.

Judges’ comments: Bravo! Very nicely and tastefully done! Great instrumentation and great usage of the orchestra. Using the soprano in measure 76  accompaniment was a bold choice. Good use of color created by different combinations of voices.
-- Glen Shannon, Editor
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