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The ARS is pleased to offer this opportunity for recorder players to play the missing part in these selections of music, offered by professional and teaching members of ARS.  For each piece, you will find multiple recordings, so that, for instance, you may play the soprano line while listening to a recording of the alto, tenor, and bass parts. Scores/parts are provided.

If you have never used play-along files before, or if you've encountered frustrations, check out THESE TIPS first!

Funding for some of these submissions is provided by the Recorder Artist Relief Fund, while other pieces have been generously donated. These play-along pieces are available to logged-in ARS members by clicking on the provided links. Non-members may view a preview and listen to a sound sample, if available. For information about joining ARS, click HERE.  We hope you enjoy playing these pieces!  Submitters have certified that their submission and performance of these pieces does not violate copyright. Please observe any copyright limitations requested by the editor or performer.

You may use the Composition Share Link, found on each piece, to share this music with your friends. Note that anyone may see the thumbnail image and listen to the sound sample, but only logged-in ARS members may download music or listen to the entire .mp3 recording.

To view all editions in this library, use the Index link, or click "Search" at the bottom of the Search form without entering any criteria.

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Notes for searching:
  • Some play-along files are recorded live by professionals, and others are synthesized.  To find the live recordings, enter "recorded" in the Keyword Search box.  All live recordings are at 4' pitch, to match the range of soprano/alto/tenor/bass recorders.
  • To find recordings by a specific professional, enter their name in the Keyword Search box.
  • Some of the synthesized accompaniments are high-quality with authentic temperaments and interesting instrumentation.  Among these, some are at 4' pitch and others are at 8' pitch. The accompaniments at 8' pitch are most suitable for tenor/bass/great bass/contrabass recorders, or other instruments including viol, flute, etc. To find these, type " 8' " in the Keyword Search box.
  • There are a few live recordings at 415 ("low") pitch. To find these, type "a=415" in the Keyword Search box.
To report any errors in the Play-along Library, please click HERE.  There is a lot of manual work involved and your help is appreciated!

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