Composition -
Rondeau gracieux
By Anthony St. Pierre September 2013
This free adaptation is one of several trios based on movements from Rameau's Pièces de clavecin en concert that St. Pierre has offered to the ARS. A five-part rondeau from the 1st Concert, it is quite feasible for intermediate players familiar with the Rococo idiom. Duration: 2:25

Janos Ungvary (A), Scott Paterson (T), and the composer (B) play on the recording.
-- Anthony St. Pierre
Pieces in this set include:  Loure, Rondeau vif, Rondeau gracieux, Tambourin, and Air gracieux

The composer has provided Play-along files for Rondeau gracieux.
Play-along instructions
Play-along files  All three versions are included in this file so you can play any of the three parts. Time stamps for the beginning of each version are included in the instructions.
Those familiar with Rameau’s Pièces de clavecin en concert will relish this ATB trio riffing off his rondeau “La livri” originally in 3 flats. The Bass part almost never stops, but the relaxed tempo makes it easy to play through without too much trouble. French-flavored ornaments are generously sprinkled throughout, and the composer has helpfully written them out in real rhythms rather than using the often confusing grace-note approach of the original.
-- Glen Shannon
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