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FREE Online Recorder Class for Beginners with Annette Bauer (soprano/tenor recorder)
5/4/2021 - 5/25/2021

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Second Level Beginners' Class with Greta Haug-Hryciw: Focus on Expressivity (soprano/tenor)
5/8/2021 - 5/29/2021
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Second Level Beginners' Class with Larry Lipnik: A Renaissance Consort Primer (any recorder)
5/11/2021 - 5/20/2021
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Events in the month of May 2021
Online meeting of the South Bay Recorder Society with Greta Haug-Hryciw.
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ECRS May ZOOM Session, Saturday, May 15 with Susan Hellauer

                                       "The 13th-century motet: The songs that forced a rhythmic reckoning."  
It was the repertory of the French 13th-century motet that forced musicians to create a way of writing rhythmic notation—to show “longs” and “shorts” and “longers” and “shorters”—of both sound and silence--in single, separate signs. It was a watershed “lightbulb moment” in Western music history, and you will see, hear, and play these landmark pieces.

SUSAN HELLAUER is a founding member of the renowned vocal quartet Anonymous 4, and is an adjunct Assistant Professor of Music at Queens College, CUNY. 

Music for the workshop will be sent to registered attendees upon registration and the Zoom invitation will be sent the day before.


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Join the creative early music ensemble, Alkemie, for a Renaissance gala: lively balli and a stately bazzadanza danced by Tracy Cowart, Elena Mullins, Alyssa Weathersby, and Ben Matus; rarely heard songs from the Loire Valley Chansonnieres; and new tunes by band member Niccolo Seligmann. A video performance with a live introduction and post-performance Question and Answer session with the performers. 

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Free yourself from the printed page! Get started learning to play by ear in this workshop with Music Program Director of the Edmonton Suzuki Flute and Recorder Society and Suzuki Association Teacher-Trainer Kathleen Schoen.
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Tracy and Elena guide you through the basic steps of this seminal Italian Renaissance dance with verbal descriptions, video depiction, and live demonstrations for you to follow. This class is designed to be accessible to all dance skill levels. And in the virtual classroom, you can’t step on anyone else’s toes.
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Delving into selected works from Friday's concert, the Alkemists unveil the secrets of how a single line can be transmuted into two-, three-, and multi-voiced polyphony.  For all vocalists and instrumentalists.
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