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Event Name:
2021 Mid-Winter Workshop (18th Annual)

Event Type(s):
Online Event


2021 Mid-Winter Workshop
(18th annual)

The 18th annual workshop with early and newer music for Recorders, Brass, Viols and other “early” instruments will be held Friday evening and Saturday, January 22-23, 2021.

Event Date:
1/22/2021 - 1/23/2021

Event Time:
Friday evening and all day Saturday


Contact Person:
Charlie Schultz
(phone: 404-872-0166)

Workshop Format: Due to COVID-19 concerns, the Workshop will be held on-line via Zoom. It will consist of a variety of topic-based sessions for which you can sign up.

Faculty: Larry Lipnick (Viols, Recorders), Doug Young (Loud Band, Recorders), Pat Petersen (Recorders, Capped Reeds, Voices), Jody Miller (Recorders, Capped Reeds, Renaissance Flute), Anne Timberlake (Recorders), and Gail Schroeder (Viols).