NAVRS June Playing Meeting with Jody Miller
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern
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Online Event
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Tenor, Tenor: This line's a winner!

Jody Miller will take NAVRS members through two uses of "tenor" as a musical concept.  Starting in the 13th century, the cantus firmus, or melody, most frequently in the tenor line.  We'll play several pieces with these melodies that are flanked by more ornate outer parts.  Session participants will also be encouraged to bring out their tenor recorders for some newer music that makes use of this marvelous size of recorder.  Don't worry, though--there will be parts for other sizes of instruments, too!
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Online Meeting
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Cost: NAVRS Membership is $20 and each playing session is $15; membership is not required for your first meeting but there is a charge of $15.

The Zoom link will be live, beginning at 1:30 PM, Eastern. Please join us as we will use the time to chat and do breakout rooms to get to know one another.
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