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Second Level Beginners' Class with Lisette Kielson (soprano/tenor recorder)
2/27/2021 - 3/20/2021
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FREE Online Recorder Class for Beginners with Emily O'Brien (soprano/tenor recorder)
3/4/2021 - 3/25/2021
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Second Level Beginners' Class with Sarah Cantor: Playing Duets on Alto Recorder
3/15/2021 - 3/25/2021
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FREE Online Recorder Class for Beginners with Vicki Boeckman (alto recorder)
3/16/2021 - 3/26/2021
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Second Level Beginners' Class with Miyo Aoki: Continuing Technique (alto recorder)
3/23/2021 - 4/13/2021
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Second Level Beginners' Class with Tish Berlin: Learning Bass Recorder
3/31/2021 - 4/21/2021
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FREE Online Recorder Class for Beginners with Heloise Degrugillier (alto recorder)
4/8/2021 - 4/29/2021
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Second Level Beginners' Class with Greta Haug-Hryciw: Focus on Expressivity (soprano/tenor)
5/8/2021 - 5/29/2021
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Events in the month of December 2020

Join international percussion star Peter Maund for a class for percussion and instruments of all sorts. In this class we'll focus on the two primary musical elements: melody and rhythm, exploring how these elements work together to generate musical momentum, tension and resolution. Examples from medieval European to modern Middle Eastern music will really get you in the groove! This class is a perfect follow-up to Peter's class of November 25.

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BCRS Monthly Meeting
Colin MacDonald presents Festivus for the Rest of Us! A playing meeting of seasonal music.

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Virtual Playing Session with Peter Seibert leading his own 'Suite on Piae Cantiones Carol Tunes'.
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Tellement de Telemann? Can there ever be “too much Telemann”? No, because Telemann, c’est tellement beau! Tom and Joris share their advice on performing the Vivace of Telemann’s recorder sonata in F, TWV 41:F2 from Der getreue Music-Meister. Our objective is to balance music and technique and to boost your playing skills.

As a warm-up we will focus on two tunes from The Bird Fanciers Delight. These tunes imitate song patterns of starlings, woodlarks, nightingales and other birds and were composed to teach birds to sing. The higher the pitch the better, so Grab your Sopranino. (Alto is allowed)
Open to:  upper intermediate to advanced recorders.

Pitch: A = 440.

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Taught by Rotem Gilbert, recorder professional and Professor of Practice at USC Thornton School of Music (CA).
Burgundian composers were eager to set Gilles Binchois’ popular rondeau Comme femme desconfortée, one of the most famous 15th-century chansons, setting a text in the voice of a woman whose lover has been taken by Death. In this class we will explore different intricate compositions, from the original chanson from the 1460s found in the beautiful heart-shaped Cordiforme Chansonnier, to an ornate duo and intricate four-voice setting from the 1490s by Alexander Agricola, and the iconic Agnus of Henricus Isaac’s Missa Comme femme desconfortée, composed in Florence, ca. 1485-88.



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Everyone can improvise!  Join this fun and liberating class that will let you explore new ways of making music and discover more music within you.  Improvisation is a fundamental part of many musical repertoires and practiced by musicians of all levels of experience. Even if you’ve never felt that you could improvise, this quick and easy method will show you how natural it can be to play melodies in different ways and quickly begin playing by ear. Acclaimed improvisors John and Miyuki will demonstrate and lead us through ensemble pieces in which everyone can improvise as they wish.     

Repertoires will include: Renaissance, Baroque, Folk, Popular and Free Improvisation. 

Come indulge your creativity! Geared to: lower intermediate to advanced melodic instruments. Pitch: A=440.  Registration for this class opens on Monday, December 7.

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Georg Friedrich Händel—a German composer, writing Italian operas for English audiences. How did that come about, and how did it work?

In this class we will study the development of Handel’s operatic style. We’ll begin with his first opera, written at age nineteen for the Hamburg Gänsemarkt theater, cover his formative sojourn in Italy, and his first decade in London.  We’ll examine scenes from seven operas, looking at how Handel draws characters, how his use of the orchestra evolved, what influences informed his unique approach to opera, and much more!  This lecture/demonstration is open to all, registration opens Monday, December 7.

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Taught by Hanneke van Proosdij, recorder professional and Director of Voices of Music.

How does Van Eyck approach Dowland's famous tune "The Frog Galliard" and why was it popular even 50 years later? By looking at the historical and political background we will gain understanding of how this tune could have been interpreted at the time of Van Eyck. In this class we explore how we can play these variations, and how we might make our own variations in this style.


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The Denver Recorder Society continues their 2020-21 virtual season (third Sunday of every month) on Sunday, December 20, from at 2-3:30 PM MST. With a theme of "Foreigners in London, England," recorder player Heloise Degrugillier will lead this chapter meeting on Zoom, preceded by the chapter's "newbies" session for less-experienced players. All are welcome.

Heloise Degrugillier has worked extensively as both a recorder and traverso performer, and teacher throughout Europe and the U.S. She has performed with leading period ensembles, including the Boston Early Music Festival Opera, Handel and Haydn Orchestra, Boston Camerata and Tempesta Di Mare. She also enjoys an active teaching career, with workshops like Amherst Early Music Festival, Texas Toot and Pinewoods Early Music Week. Currently she serves as president and music director of the Boston (MA) Recorder Society. She has completed studies in the Alexander Technique and has a Master of Music from the Utrecht Conservatory in The Netherlands, studying recorder with Heiko ter Scheggett, Saskia Coolen and Pedro Memelsdorff.

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