NAVRS September Playing Meeting
1:30 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern
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Online Event
Event Description
Please join us with our Music Director, Rachel Begley. Rachel describes her program... In “Giving you that old song and dance…”, I’ll be leading the assembled company in a highly varied session featuring gorgeous music with roots in Sweden, Scotland, Italy, Wales, and even the Klezmer traditions of Eastern Europe.  You’ll be swooning over the beauty of the slower pieces, and then having fun as you sweat your way through the faster ones!  As a bonus, the recorder ensembles featured in the recordings will be joined on occasion by other instruments, giving this music an extra dimension, one that you'd likely be hard-pressed to put together when playing with others in person: another advantage to our online playing meetings! This session is likely to be a little longer than usual - I can’t bear to leave any of these pieces out! - so please plan for that possibility. See you soon!
Online Meeting
Contact Person
Mike Richart
(phone: 777-777-7777)
Cost: Annual membership is $20 and each playing session is $15.  Membership is not required for your first meeting but there is a charge of $15.
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